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Fight Kids Diabetes with These foods

Help Fight Diabetes with These foods

Kids Diabetes is staggering and people don’t know that their lifestyle could be the reason why they have diabetes. There is one thing that we know that cause this disease and it is sugar and yes it is true but most people believe that sugar tastes sweet and all, and that’s the problem. Sugar doesn’t only come in sweet foods, it comes in different flavors, but mostly are sweet. There have been lots of people who lost their limbs and sight because of this disease where in fact it is preventable if we only lead a healthy lifestyle away from the foods that are dangerous.

How to prevent kids diabetes?

There are actually foods out there, though sweet, that can help you fight diabetes. These foods are just in our reach and we should be able to know what these foods are and what are the things we need to do in order for us to avoid this threatening disease. Luckily, you’ve come to the right article. Here, we are going to discuss with you the following foods that you can incorporate in your diet that can help you fight diabetes and completely avoid it.

Prevent kids Diabetes with These foods

Here are foods that can help with Kids Diabetes:


  1. Yogurt. Yogurt are not only rich in protein which can be very beneficial for those who are always active in the gym. The good thing about yogurt is that it makes you feel full, therefore you have longer time that you’re not eating. According to a chinese review yogurt can help reduce the risk of type two diabetes. Furthermore, yogurt contains probiotics that are helpful in in glucose regulation.
  2. Dark chocolates. You might think that chocolates might be the cause of diabetes and in popular belief most parents don’t let their children eat too much chocolate and would reason out that they might get diabetes from doing so. But the truth is that, dark chocolates are saviours when it comes to diabetes. In a study in Italy, it was discovered that the cocoa flavonoids that is in dark chocolates can improve lackluster insulin resistance. But it is important that you choose the dark chocolates that are more of cocoa rather than the sweet part. Bitter can be fun.
  3. Raisins. Just like the cocoa, raisins also contain flavonoids which are great antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. In a study, it was found out that dried fruit can lower the rish of type two diabetes compared to non-dry ones.
  4. Legumes. Legumes can be your alternative for meat if you are a vegetarian and they taste delicious. They do not only contain protein but also fibers that can help regulate blood glucose levels. Likewise, it is found in a study that those who eat legumes have 35 percent lower risk in diabetes than those people who only eat little amount of it. You can either choose lentils, chickpeas, beans and a lot more!


These are so far the foods that are backed by science to help you fight the risk of diabetes. What is important however is that you incorporate a well-balanced diet in your lifestyle with foods that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It is also important that you exercise regularly in order for you to burn those extra fats.

Moisturize your kids skin naturally

dry skin for children

There’s nothing much more annoying than a dry skin. It can wreak havoc in a beautiful day as you know that there is something wrong. When it comes to moisturizing your skin, what plays an important role is your skin care regime. If you choose the natural way, that is much better as natural moisturizer are considered to be much more effective without much adverse irritation on the skin that can be caused by commercial ones.

Kids skin is just naturally dry

Different kinds of products are in the market nowadays promising to make your skin as supple as possible, but what you just need are natural products that can be found on your kitchen to make your skin look more beautiful and full of moisture. It is a good thing that you have come to the right place. Here we will show you some of the best natural remedy to moisturize your skin so that you can achieve the best. Click Here for more info

Some of the best moisturizing remedies for kids

  1. Use Honey. Honey is one of the best when it comes to moisturizing the skin. It is one of the ingredients in many cosmetic products from skin to hair. The good thing about honey is that it can be used directly on the skin and it can also be concocted with other solutions like egg white, etc. Honey can penetrate deeply into the skin and fill it with moisture. It has also antioxidants that help skin glow and clean it of impurities.
  2. Aloe Vera. Like honey, aloe vera is also one of the natural products that are used in many cosmetic products as ingredients in both skin and hair. Aloe Vera is indeed one of the best natural moisturizers out there. The gel of the aloe vera contains vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin A that are both effective in keeping the skin glowing and soft. Aside from that, aloe vera also helps relieve some itch on your skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Milk. People often say that princesses bathe in milk and that is the secret to their soft and porcelain-like skin. And perhaps it is true after all. Milk helps hydrate skin to make it soft and smooth. It effectively transforms dull skin to soft and well-moisturized one. Likewise, they can help on reducing wrinkles.
  4. Avocado. Avocado is one of the best food if you are into fitness as it contains healthy fatty acids that are truly helpful in maintaining the fat level in your body. The good thng is that it can also act as one of the best natural moisturizers for skin out there. Avocado contains lots of vitamins and minerals in it that are all beneficial for skin health making it softer and fuller. Those mineral sand antioxidants can also protect the skin from the harmful free radicals.


All in all, these are the best natural moisturizers out there that you can apply on your skin if you wanted to have a soft and smooth one. These are just found on the corner of your kitchen and you can mix them all together if you want.

Benefits of apple in your health

benefits of apples in your diet

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This famous saying is perhaps what makes apple famous, but is it really true. And our answer is yes. Apple is a wonder fruit and it contains lots of vitamins and minerals that our body needs in order for it to combat diseases. We should not be blinded by the story of Snow White when she ate apple and died. Because that apple has a poison! The clean apple is the best apple.

Apples are great sources of nutrients

There are collection of studies that prove the health benefits of apples and it is important that you include it in your diet as it can have good effects in your body. The first study was of Experimental Biology and Medicine. It was found in such study that the antioxidant quercetin can help reduce cellular death. There is likewise another study of the same field that suggests that consuming apple juice can increase the production of essential neurotransmitter in the brain.

Apples also provide vitamins

Aside from its good benefits for the brain, apple also contains vitamins and minerals. One of the vitamins that it contains is Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and is really good at improving your immune system. Likewise, apple also contains B-vitamins which have different functions in our body. It also has dietary fiber that if taken in a regular basis can help in the reduction of bad cholesterol.

apples healthy snacks and foods

More benefits of apples in your diet

The health benefits of apple are truly amazing and that if you eat it in a daily basis chances are you will reap most of its benefits. There is even a study that suggests that apple everyday can reduce the risk of stroke. What is most important however is that aside from apple a day you also incorporate other healthy foods into your diet so that you can achieve the healthy lifestyle that you want for yourself. Note that it is still good to be able to understand that to be healthy is the best thing and it will save us our future. If we are knowledgeable enough to know what are the foods that are bad and what are those that are causing harm in our body, we will surely avoid risks and other diseases.


One more thing, you can also experiment with different recipes out there that include apple so that you won’t be fed up by eating apple every single day. There are easy recipes out there ranging from desert to easy meal plans that you can prepare if you can spare time to do so. Those are great recipes that you can emulate and it’s truly worth a try.


In the end, apples are just cheap and you can afford it in a daily basis.

Do not peel it as the peel is where all the active antioxidants are and it is also crucial to note that you don’t have to eat it for a long period of time as it can be damaging for the teeth. The apple is acidic and that’ll cause so much problem on your teeth.

What to not eat before a workout


If you work out regularly and often want to eat something before a workout you must keep in mind that eating some foods before a workout ruins the whole purpose of the workout. Also, some foods that we think is very healthy and helps us stay fit might not actually favour us if we eat it before working out. So, here are a few of those snacks or meals you should avoid before you hit the gym or start exercising.

  • Salad- Most often salads contain more of the creamy and saucy dressing that actual vegetables. Its better to avoid that as it is not completely healthy to consume before physical exertion. Also, even if you are eating an only vegetable salad without any dressing these high fibre vegetables (which veggies usually are) slow down the body’s digestion process and tends to cause gas and bloating during the workout. It’s a must to strike this off your list.
  • Hummus- It is common now for us to make hummus at home with low amount of oil. It is healthy as well when made with low amount of oil, no doubt. However, hummus is made basically of chickpeas. Beans contain indigestible carbohydrates which will again cause gastric discomfort during your workout session. Don’t use it as a dip or in your wraps before you begin to workout.
  • Dairy- As much as we love our dairy products it should be a complete no no before your workout sessions. They can make you feel sleepy and tired due to its lactose content. Avoid eating almost all liquid dairy products beforehand. It makes you feel acidic and lethargic. It may even make you the only person burping a million times in the gym.
  • Protein bars- Not that all protein bars are a bad choice before a workout but you must make an informed choice before you choose to eat one or else don’t eat them at all. Not all protein bars are high on protein. Few are high on calories only rather. You must also find a protein bar that has optimum protein to sugar ratio. If it has too much protein and no enough sugar then it will reduce the amount of blood sugar in your body during the workout. That in turn will make you tired, so choose your protein bar wisely if you are intent upon eating one before you hit the gym.
  • ProteinBars
  • Fatty foods- This an obvious wrong choice before a workout but one must always be reminded because you never know where temptations may lead us to. Cheesecakes, hamburgers, pizzas and fries must always be avoided. Never choose to even think of having heavy snacks that are high in fat before you work out. Even healthy fat like nuts and avocados should be avoided.

What to eat before and after a workout


If you do workout regularly something that can boost your results after a workout session is eating the right kind of food before and after working out. Treat the body like an engine. The energy source or food can be considered the fuel for the body that energises or gives power to the body for a workout. Refuelling the body after work out can help in better muscle build or better results as such. However, you must always eat around 2 hours before you work out. Here are a few things you can eat before a work out: –

  • Peanut butter jelly sandwich- This snack which is loved by many is definitely an option you can try. The peanut butter gives you a dose of protein and the bread gives you your dose of carbohydrate. Thus, the combination of protein and carbohydrate helps your muscle get the energy it requires during a workout.
  • Oatmeal- If you work out in the morning then this is definitely one of the breakfasts you can opt for before you hit the gym. It is a good combination of high fibre and calcium. If you choose to stir it and prepare it with a low-fat milk then your meal can also become a source for protein as well. The combination of all these lets your body’s digestion happen in a smooth process and that makes your blood sugar steadier. If you have a steady blood sugar rate then your body is energized for longer.
  • Smoothie- Whip up your own smoothies at home as the ones in the store are generally high on sugar. Choose fruits that are high on protein. Blend it with protein rich yogurt as well. Pour in few litres of water or ice that will help you stay hydrated. You could also just eat a banana.

Here are few things you can have after a workout-

  • Chocolate milk- This is a drink most of us would love to drink and it makes for a great post workout drink. It has a perfect carb to protein ratio and most of it is just water and not as much milk. So, it rehydrates your body well and is better than most carb concentrated drinks.
  • chocolate-milkshake
  • Greek Yogurt with fruit- Scoop quite a few spoons filled with yogurt into a bowl and add fruits to it. You can choose any anti- oxidant fruits to add to the yogurt as it helps with relaxing the body and also helps in reducing any kind of muscle inflammation. You can try out blueberries in your yogurt.
  • Sports drinks- You can opt for one of those sports drinks that are easily available in any store. The ones that are rich in electrolytes and glucose will help rehydrate your body and will make you feel fresh as well.

Suplements for faster muscle growth


One imperative advantage of exercise is picking up muscle and quality. Having a healthy measure of muscle enables you to play out your best during exercise and also in day by day life.

Three primary criteria must be met for maximal muscle pick up one is eating a larger number of calories than you consume and more intake of protein than you generally take in and an exercise program that is working towards your muscles.

While it’s conceivable to meet every one of these criteria without taking dietary supplements, certain supplements may enable you to meet your end goal.

These are a few supplements that may enable you to acquire muscle with your exercise program.

Creatine is a molecule that produces normally in your body. It gives vitality to your muscles and different tissues.

In any case, taking it as a dietary supplement can expand muscle creatine content by up to 40% past its typical levels.

This influences your muscle cells and exercise execution, advancing muscle pick up. Truth be told, a lot of research demonstrates that creatine enhances muscle quality

This is uplifting news in case you’re endeavouring to pick up muscle. More prominent quality enables you to perform better amid exercise, prompting bigger increments in bulk after some time. Creatine can likewise build water content in your muscle cells. This may make your muscle cells swell marginally and give signals for muscle development. Besides, this supplement may build levels of the hormones associated with muscle development.

Getting enough protein is the basic for picking up muscle. In particular, to pick up muscle, you have to take in more protein than your body separates through normal procedures. While it’s conceivable to get all the protein you require from protein-rich sustenance, a few people struggle to get as much protein. If one of them is you, you might need to consider taking a protein supplement. There are various protein supplements accessible, yet the absolute most mainstream are whey, casein and soy protein. Other protein supplements contain protein separated from eggs, hamburger, chicken or other many protein sources.


Research demonstrates that including additional protein through supplements causes somewhat more muscle pick up in individuals who practice than including additional carbs

Weight gainers are supplements intended to advantageously enable you to get more calories and protein. They’re commonly utilized by people who can’t pick up muscle very easily. A few people think that it’s difficult to pick up muscle, notwithstanding while taking in a lot of calories and lifting weights. In spite of the fact that the calorie substance of weight gainer supplements change, it’s normal for them to contain more than 1,000 calories for every serving. Numerous individuals think these calories originate from protein since it’s so vital for muscle building. In any case, the majority of the calories really originate from carbs. There are frequently 75– 300 grams of carbs and 20– 60 grams of protein for each serving of these fatty supplements.

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that decreases weariness and fatigue and may increase exercise execution. Furthermore, beta-alanine may enable increment to muscle mass in the event that you are following a continuous focused exercise program.

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